811 Magazine

The law requires excavators, contractors, builders and private citizens who are going to drill, blast, dig and/or bore to notify their local 811 prior to any of these activities in order to prevent damage to underground facilities, injury and death to citizens and the curtailment of vital services. Our products help prevent damage and keep you productive on the jobsite. From drills to locators, we have what you need to get the job done safely and efficiently. Check out our product offering below to learn more!


As the underground construction industry has evolved over the last 20 years, Vermeer has responded with drills designed to meet the expanding needs of contractors. Find the right drill for your conditions and budget, and start getting tough work done.


We pride ourselves on truck vacuum equipment and technology that are among the best in the world. All components in our models are market-tested and some of the highest quality in the industry.


DCI has revolutionized the HDD industry through the most technologically advanced HDD locating and tracking system in the market. HDD technologies are used to install underground utilities, such as fiber optics, power and water with minimal environmental impact.


Vermeer not only manufactures industry-leading equipment, we also provide tools and resources to help contractors improve their productivity. Vermeer productivity tools make it easier to access information about your machine or project more quickly. 


Whether you’re a contractor, facility owner, or professional locating contractor, McLaughlin has the tools for you to quickly identify pipes, cables and other utility lines through a variety of methods, at a broad range of frequencies and depths.