Denny and the Vermeer MidSouth team in 1987 began our business with the belief that high quality equipment, hard work, biblical principles and building relationships through reliable customer service and friendly attitudes was the best way to earn the trust of our customers. Using those quality, we now have five different locations serving our customers with problem-solving solutions.

It was relocating to Jackson, MS that began the journey of building the Vermeer MidSouth brand and promise of selling and servicing Vermeer construction equipment on February 1, 1987.

(L-R): Mel Beyer, Dennis Vander Molen, Harv Vander Weide, and Dean Whitten

In 1991, Vermeer MidSouth acquired Nashville and Knoxville, TN which led to adding Harv Vander Weide (Memphis) and Mel Beyer (Russellville) to the team in 1992.

Harv retired in 2007, and Mel retired in 2014.
In 2000, the Vermeer MidSouth team gathered for a photo with special guests, Vermeer Founder Gary Vermeer with his wife, Matilda, for MidSouth’s Platinum Mark of Excellence award recognition in Jackson, MS. Also pictured is Chair Emeritus Mary Andringa and her husband, Dale.
Corey Vander Molen - second-generation family member at Vermeer MidSouth - started his career at Vermeer MidSouth in 1999 at 13-years-old working in the Parts Department. After graduating from Mississippi College in May 2009, he started full-time in Wholegoods Inventory Management. In 2011, he moved into sales and later sales management. Then in 2020, he took on the role of General Manager for the company.

(L-R): Jason Andringa, Mary Andringa, ____, Denny Vander Molen, Corey Vander Molen, Bob Vermeer

2014 Pinnacle Award

(L-R): Bob Vermeer, Mary Andringa, Corey Vander Molen, Denny Vander Molen, Mindi Vanden Bosch, Jason Andringa

2015 Pinnacle Award

(L-R): Doug Hundt, Mary Andringa, Denny Vander Molen, Linda Vander Molen, Marie Vander Molen, Corey Vander Molen, Bob Vermeer, ________, Jason Andringa

2017 Pinnacle Award
In 2019, a group of Associated Equipment Distributors Chairman gathered for a photo to celebrate 100 years of AED.
In 1989, Vermeer MidSouth locations in Memphis and Jackson added Russellville, AR.

(L-R): Bob Vermeer and Dennis Vander Molen

In 1996, the Vermeer MidSouth team received a visit from then-CEO and second generation family member Bob Vermeer to celebrate the Award of Excellence - an award given to dealers based on the experience they deliver through the seven stages of the customer journey, sales growth and performance, and more (currently known as the Pinnacle Award).
In 2006, Vermeer MidSouth hosted a sales training at Shelby Farms in Cordova, TN. Utility companies and contractors were invited to participate in hands-on demonstrations of the latest Vermeer underground equipment including the RTX450 and D24x40 - both are still in production today.

2010: include DVM AED chair board – photo of “induction” onto board?

Explain AED
Vermeer MidSouth closed it's Russellville, AR location to open and service customers in Little Rock that is open and available to you today.

(L-R): Jason Andringa, Mary Andringa, Denny Vander Molen, Corey Vander Molen, Bob Vermeer, Mindi Vanden Bosch

2016 Pinnacle Award
In 2018, Denny Vander Molen traveled to the White House and had to opportunity to sit in the west wing at Former Vice President Mike Pence's desk.
Another trip to Washington D.C. for President and CEO Denny Vander Molen -- This one to speak in the Indian Treaty Room located in the east wing of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. What an opportunity!