Straw Blowers 

FINN Straw Blowers multiply your productivity and profits by doubling straw coverage in a fraction of the time it takes to apply by hand. There’s no more efficient way to ensure soil moisture retention and protect against erosion damage to freshly seeded areas.

Designed to deliver smooth, reliable power for maximum straw shredding and discharge, FINN Straw Blowers make quick work of straw mulching even in the most demanding conditions. FINN offers a technologically advanced line of Straw Blowers to handle jobs ranging from small lawns to massive mining sites.

Efficient Coverage of Many Profit Areas

Your FINN Straw Blower will keep you busy earning profits with numerous applications, including:

  • Seed Protection
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Mud Control
  • Pipelines
  • Agriculture
  • Erosion Control
  • Underground Utility Construction

FINN Straw Blower Features and Benefits

Extension Hose & Adapter
Optional 50 foot extension hose reaches difficult areas with more controlled discharge. 

Dynamic, Balanced Discharge Head 
Allows for easy one-handed control and reduces operator fatigue.

Independent Clutch Control 
A variety of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic clutch designs are used enabling independent control of the blower and engine with efficient power transmission.

Flail Chain System 
Separates the straw instead of cutting it, yielding uniform length and a stable straw matrix to protect seed.


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