McLaughlin Underground




McLaughlin Underground provides vacuum excavators and locating equipment to help drillers be more effective on the jobsite. Their products have stood the test of time day in and day out on the most difficult jobsites around the world. McLaughlin takes pride in building durable equipment focused on job site productivity, reliability and up time backed by service and support second to none.
McLaughlin Vac





Horsepower Spoil Tank Capacity

V25 & VX30 Gas Series

31 hp 1200 gal

VX30 Diesel Series

31 hp 800 gal

VX50 Gen3 Series

49 hp 800 gal

 VX70 Diesel Series

67 hp 1200 gal

VX75 Heavy Duty Series

74 hp 1200 gal

VX100XT Air Water Series

99 hp 1200 gal

Eco 50 Series

48.9 hp 800 gal

 Eco 70/80 Series

99 hp 1200 gal

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