Your infrastructure solutions provider. As the challenges posed by expanding populations grow, access to clean water, reliable electricity and utility services are a necessity. In order to meet the needs of rapidly developing societies, contractors and municipalities – around the world – need equipment that complete work efficiently and productively. For more information, contact your Vermeer MidSouth store or reach out to Mike, our HDD Specialist. 

Vermeer Drill Lineup

As the underground construction industry has evolved over the last 20 years, Vermeer has responded with drills designed to meet the expanding needs of contractors. The S3 drill lineup embodies this commitment to your success – a redesigned hydraulic circuit makes more efficient use of horsepower, while the serious steps taken to increase speed, reduce sound and simplify controls help you take on the challenges of today’s jobsites.

  • Common controls throughout the Vermeer Navigator drill lineup make it more convenient for operators to go from one drill to the next.
  • Boasting efficient cycle times, S3 drills have been designed to maximize carriage, rotation, rod loading and tracking speeds to help your crew get the job done faster.
  • Increase the length of your next bore and minimize loading time with the semi-automated add-a-rod feature. Add more rods [10’ (3.1 m) length] to maximize jobsite productivity. Available on select models.
Productivity Tools


With more than 20 years of innovation in the HDD market, Vermeer not only offers industry-leading equipment — we also provide tools and resources to help contractors improve productivity to operate your business more efficiently. From a drilling community site to online equipment management tools and an online tooling warehouse, Vermeer has got you covered. New Vermeer solutions are continually being designed, built and tested — and put to work for you. All Vermeer tooling products are constructed of the foremost quality metals and employ state-of-the-art machining to help provide extended wear life and decrease cost of operation.

Utility locating products



Easily locate other utilities on the jobsite using Vermeer MidSouth partners, DCI and McLaughlin. They offer a robust line of locating systems and technologies for the utility installation market that provide superior performance. Promoting jobsite safety and efficiency, locate using the best frequency for the most accurate utility position. Drill smart and get the job done on time with DCI or McLaughlin locating systems. 

Vacuum Excavation

Vermeer MidSouth partners with two of the trenchless industry’s leading vacuum excavation systems manufacturers – Vac-Tron and McLaughlin – to provide you the very best in visual utility location and site cleanup options. Vacuum excavation systems can serve double-duty on jobsites – offering invaluable ways to help keep your jobsite maintained and helping to avoid damage to existing utilities by offering visual verification of utility placement.

  • Low-profile and practical design considerations make vacuum excavation systems an indispensable addition to your fleet.
  • Hydraulically operated rear doors offer convenience and security, minimizing the possibility of waste leakage.
  • A variety of capacity and mounting options allow you to choose the system best suited to your operation.
Drilling Fluids


Vermeer MidSouth knows your toughest jobs require equally tough tools. Use the Vermeer family of drilling fluid mix systems to quickly combine water with additives produced by Baroid or ProAction Fluids to create the right consistency for your downhole fluid. Vermeer piercing tools are well-suited to performing relatively short trenchless installation projects including gas, cable, electric, water and irrigation systems.

Drilling Fluid Solutions


Drilling fluids and hydro-excavation waste are important for utility installation, but their proper disposal can add significant operational cost, time and complexity for contractors. To help solve this problem, Vermeer offers the Vermeer MUD Hub. The new machine system helps control the costs, time and complexity of drilling fluid management. Using the new Vermeer ST2000 slat tank and the Surface to Surface (STS) FL-243 solidification mixer, the Vermeer MUD Hub helps create stackable material for convenient transfer and disposal. 

Confidence Plus Partner

The Vermeer Confidence Plus® asset protection program provides the ongoing service you need to assist in protecting the productivity and value of your Vermeer equipment. It helps you manage expenses — and offers peace of mind. Add Vermeer Confidence Plus program protection to your initial purchase finance package or lease, or add it anytime within the standard one-year warranty period. When you finance your maintenance expenses, you can know and plan for a fixed payment upfront. 

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